If you would like to talk to Carol before you make an appointment, please call: (086) 225 1501

You can also email her at

Patients are seen by appointment only.


In a difficult economy, Carol understands the need for everyone to spend their health money wisely, which is why she has kept her prices as low as she can. When you consider the quality of her work, the training and her experience, we hope you’ll agree that the prices are good value for the level of health care offered.

For information about pricing and scheduling please contact Carol.

Health Insurance.

Most insurance policies cover acupuncture and physical therapy for certain conditions and, although Carol does not process insurance in her office, she can provide you with a receipt that has the correct billing codes on it, which will help you to be reimbursed for your treatment.

What to expect:

You will get an individual session in a clinical environment where you will have a one on one consultation with Carol to specifically evaluate/assess and treat your condition(s)

New patients can expect to be at the office about 75mins. Follow-up treatments are 1 hour. The time you spend at the clinic depends on several things, including the amount of time needed for us to discuss your health concerns and any additional treatments which may be performed.

Pre-Acupuncture Recommendations: Please arrive for your session well hydrated and having had a light meal a few hours prior. I recommend wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.

Post-treatment Recommendations: I recommend resting as much as possible, drinking plenty of water, and refraining from vigorous exercise or alcohol consumption following your treatment. Your body needs time and energy to heal, so this is the best way for acupuncture to have maximum effect.



We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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