Restorative Movement Therapy


Joints often become restricted due to poor posture, improper biomechanics, and/or injury. Also, our bodies react unconsciously to life’s daily stresses, if the muscles don’t get a signal from the brain indicating to relax, they forget how to release and over time they can become chronically contracted painful and sore.

Carol uses her knowledge of biomechanics and anatomy and the training she has had in body work techniques to help the individual move their body in a more sustainable way.

She works with you through a system of restorative corrective movements, exercises, stretches, alignment techniques and simple yet effective breathing techniques to help release the spine and other restricted joints, and relieve restrictions in connective tissues and muscles.

You will be guided to refine your self-awareness through learning how to find your own compensation patterns then correct them with the proper corrective movements, breathing techniques, exercises and stretches.


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