My daughter aged 15 suffered from very severe pmt and regularly missed school or needed to be collected from school suffering from severe nausea as well as cramping. Her moods were also a problem. We tried a number ofdifferent types of remedies none of which gave any relief.
We then got a recommendation for accupuncture so we decided to give it a try. From the very first appointment Emily showed signs of reduced anxiety and much improved PMT symptons. Emily loves going to Carol who makes her feel at ease and understands her personality.
We are at a pointt now where a montly visit to Carol is all that is required to keep Emily from all the suffering and anxiety associated with PMT.

Teenager, severe PMT

Having had a lot of lower back pain, I took advice from my sister and I decided to seek treatments and advice from Carol Burke.  During the first visit she “diagnosed” that my pelvis was out of alignment, I also had some other issues with my body and an appropriate treatment was given, Carol also created a series of suitable movements and stretches for me to do at home.   All I needed was two further visit with Carol, after the third visit the pain completely disappeared and has not returned. (I write this a year later). I would not hesitate to recommend this treatment and I found Carol to be very understanding, competent and very confident in her role.


Gary, Architect, Dublin. Back Pain

“I had two sessions with Carol and after both I felt a dramatic increase in my physical and emotional wellness.

I also left with an increased awareness and knowledge of my own body.

Carol is very open, calm and easy to communicate with so the sessions were very comfortable for me on a personal level.

Carol is welcome to pass on my contact details to anyone considering an appointment.”


Kevin: 28 years, structural balance and breathing techniques, Actor.

“Carol is a perfectionist when it comes to the work she does (both in Acupuncture and Amatsu). I have the utmost confidence in her as my pain is always relieved and my sleep improves after a treatment.  I leave her clinic each time feeling much better.

Carol is a lovely person who genuinely cares about making her clients feel better. I am so grateful to Carol for enabling me to manage my pain myself on a day to day basis through teaching me meditation and simple breathing techniques.”

Ruth:  27 years, fibromyalgia, chronic back pain. Student

Ruth: 27 years, fibromyalgia, chronic back pain. Student

This was an email:

Hi Carol,

I’m looking forward to seeing you again next week. I am doing well BP hasn’t gone wild and my headaches have improved.

I really wanted to tell you that I can see a difference the way I feel lately: the pain in my back is not as intense, I am calmer and happier whatever you did the last time for my energy it really worked because my energy level has improved and I think that makes a big difference as well. My sleeping is also improving a little and hopefully it will continue to improve.

After such a long time I think I starting to see a true improvement (a light in the dark tunnel) I think my balance and my confidence are coming back very gradually I feel that I am a little bit more in control of my  life and I am very excited. I know I have days that are better than others but comparing with how I felt before I went to see you I am so much better now and I am also enjoying my son a lot more as it was before I went to the transition 🙂 and I stopped that tormenting feeling/thinking that something bad will happen to me and what will be about him …… all those bad and very negative feelings/thoughts are all improving and fading away slowly thank God and to you.

As I am writing this e-mail I am crying because it is a long time since I haven’t felt this good it is a crying of relief and happiness and I think I am getting here also with your help so thank you, thank you so much for your help!!!

See you next week!! Kind regards


Maria Mottley, Severe Menopause Symptoms, Mum.


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